Get Skilled across all the DevOps Tools

” Candidates with DevOps Skills are preferred by the corporates over resources skilled in only one segment. This DevOps Certification Course will provide complete hands-on experience from the Scratch “

DevOps Certification Course Syllabus

Continues Integration and Continues Delivery

  • Source Code Management:
  • What is Version Control System?


  • Source code management
  • SCM tools
  • What is Git
  • Installation
  • Work space/ work dir/ work tree
  • Configuration
  • Commit/check-in
  • Version/version-ID/commit-ID,
  • Work space, staging area, buffer area
  • Local Repo/remote repo
  • Customer Branching
  • Release Branching
  • Merge, stash, fast-forwarding, rebase
  • Chery-pick, cat-file and hocks
  • Repositories and Tracking
  • Git commands: add, commit, log, push, status, ignore, branch, checkout merge, confict, stash, reset, revert
  • Git GUI


  • Introduction, Maven Structure
  • Maven Dependencies
  • Maven Repositories
  • Maven Plugins and goals
  • Integrated Maven Build
  • Maven project


What is Jenkins?

Installation and configuration

  • Prerequisites
  • Download and installation

 Managing Jenkins

  • Securing Jenkins, Managing Credentials, Plugin Management
  • Jenkins Backup, Create a Build Slave

Creating Application Builds

  • Manual compilation with Maven
  • Manually Testing, Packaging and Running the App
  • Creating a Jenkins Job and configuring a Git Repo
  • Compiling in Jenkins
  • App Packaging in Jenkins
  • Archiving artifacts
  • Cleaning up Past Builds
  • Build time trend
  • The jenkins Dashboard
  • Troubleshooting build failures
  • Build linking upstream and downstream


  • Introduction
  • Plugin Architecture
  • Extension Points
  • Getting Plugins
  • Useful Plugins Overview
  • Build Tool Plugins
  • Installing a plugin
  • Plugin configuration
  • Security Overview

 Continuous Testing and Continuous Integration and Testing

  • Adding steps to Freestyle Project
  • Creating a Pipeline job to execute Maven
  • Archiving in a Pipeline
  • Checking out git repository in pipeline
  • The Master Agent Model
  • Allocating a node and workspace in Pipeline
  • Triggering Automated Builds
  • Configuring an Email Server
  • Notifications when a build fails
  • Executing unit tests

Finding and Managing Plugins

  • The need for plugins
  • Integrated Code Coverage
  • Assessing a plugin
  • Testing Plugins and Plugin Types

Building Continuous Delivery Pipeline

  • Continuous Delivery
  • Backup and Restore
  • A Second Node Allocation
  • Adding an Agent Node
  • Setup parallel integration testing in a pipeline
  • Executing and Monitoring Parallel pipelines
  • Setup Deployment to staging
  • Executing a Deployment pipeline
  • Checkin pipeline script to Git

 Master and slave configuration

 Integrating Jenkins with jfrog and sonarqube